What is a waist trainer? Do Waist Shapers Really Work?

Waist Trainer Before and After Results and Review

As we all know, losing unwanted weight is not an easy task. In fact, it’s much more difficult to attain one’s desired body shape, particularly in the modern world where most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. So how can you achieve that hourglass shape you yearn for? With this post, I will illustrate how you can achieve your body shape goals. I will point out the good, the bad, and give you details regarding using a waist trainer. I will also elaborate some of the best waist training exercises you can do from home to help you realize your dreams and help you see the difference brought about by a waist trainer before and after results.

What is a Waist Trainer?

Also known as a waist cincher or a waist training corset, a waist trainer is a garment worn around the waist with the aim of developing an hourglass shape. Waist training, on the other hand, is the act of wearing waist trainers and doing various physical exercises to lose excess fat around the waist and develop an hourglass figure. Celebrities, especially Kim Kardashian, often use waist trainers to regain their hot figures after pregnancy.

There is a wide variety of waist trainers; they come in different types and sizes. Kim Kardashian waist trainers particularly use a scientific method called thermogenics to help maximize their effectiveness. They basically increase body heat in the waist region, stimulating perspiration in the area. Consequently, fat is burned.

 Before I learned all about waist training, I was a naïve young woman who was just fascinated by the idea of gaining sexy looks. Nonetheless, I was quite skeptical, and my main question was, do waist trainers really work?

 In the course of my research, I became friends with a guy who sold waist training corsets, and he told me stories of how many of customers were satisfied with his products. Nevertheless, I didn’t stop researching about these products.

Traditional Corsets vs. Modern Corsets

You may be a little doubtful on what waist trainers are and what they do. As a matter of fact, many people confuse modern waist training with old school tight lacing. Tight lacing was quite common the Victorian era, and the oldies utilized leather corsets with steel bones, ridiculously constraining their waist. The practice caused many health problems, and as a result, it became less popular.

In the course of time, the old school waist corsets evolved into the modern waist trainer, just like the old wheel gradually gained rims and tires. The new waist trainers are very different from the conventional corsets; they have much fewer health risks and they are much more comfortable. In fact, people call them corsets because of lack of a better term.

The confusion between traditional and modern waist-training corsets has led many people into believing that the new items are as hazardous as their conventional counterparts and that both versions work in a similar manner. The fact is, this is not true. You can find lots of evidence of the health issues caused by traditional corsets, but you’ll find very little regarding modern waist trainers.

Pros and Cons of Waist Training

  • Instant waist-reduction by around five inches, so it immediately gives you an hourglass shape
  • Improvement of posture
  • Alleviation of back pain
  • Gives you a sexy look all day, thus making you more confident
  • Boosts the effectiveness of your workouts especially of the back and abdomen
  • Helps minimize appetite, thus aiding full body weight loss


  • Breathing difficulty on the first day of wearing it
  • The waist area might get uncomfortably hot to some users
  • Hard to adopt on the first day


After reading numerous reviews on waist trainers, I decided to try them. After all, based on most of the online reviews I had read, the return on investment would be much higher than the investment. Then again, my friend encouraged me to give them a shot.

My Waist Training Results

Some critics have pointed out that corsets are hazardous to the human body, as they squeeze the abdominal organs together, thus bruising them. However, what most of these critics don’t know is that there is a difference between steel-bone corsets and latex/cotton waist trainers. Personally, I believe that the steel-bone corsets eventually harm the internal organs, but not the latex/cotton waist trainers. This is because cotton and latex are elastic materials that cinch the waist area only up to the safe limits.

There are still companies out there that sell steel-bone corsets. I have tried one of these, and I can attest to the fact that these corsets are quite uncomfortable; they often left me feeling out of breath. Then again, the steel bones would leave some dents and scars on my torso, which would take up to four days to disappear. These steel-bone corsets just sucked.

However, after owning a Kim Kardashian waist trainer, I came to appreciate the importance of a waist trainer. My Kim Kardashian waist trainer was very comfortable and maneuverable. Furthermore, it helped reduce my overall weight by burning excess abdominal fat and suppressing my appetite. I felt incredibly good to see myself in the mirror wearing it for the first time; there was instant waist reduction, and over time, my waist became smaller even wearing the cincher.

I couldn’t explain the joy I felt. Imagine growing feeling that sexy curves are something you’ll never have, and then one day, you get a glimpse into a future where you have a hot body with sexy curves. Seeing yourself in the mirror having instantly lost 2-5 inches off your waist boosts your morale immediately and makes you more confident. It’s an experience that can literally change the way you view the other aspects of your life, making you see previously impossible things as possible. This is essential to achieving any other dreams you may have.

It’s awesome how feeling good about my body image transformed my life. The feeling ignited a spark of entrepreneurship in me, making me feel that I could accomplish anything. It was then that I decided to help other women experience the same transformation.

It’s not only about getting those hot looks but also becoming more confident in your daily life. In this regard, I feel that Kim Kardashian waist trainers were made to give us the best in waist training.

So, I became quite confident, and people began to notice it too, not to talk of the guys who now like the new me. My hazy dreams of attaining better looks had become a reality. The realization of my body image dreams gave me the motivation to chase other targets in life. I wish it was possible to give you a detailed account of my experience, but I bet it’d be better for you to have your own experience.

One of the things that change for the better by using Kim Kardashian waist trainers before and after results is your posture. Elegant waist cinchers help you develop a more upright posture, which is beneficial not only to your health but also to your self-esteem. Then again, Kim Kardashian waist trainers help you develop an hourglass figure, something that many women yearn for. I wear my waist cincher at least four hours per day, and not more than eight hours in one day. I am accustomed to starting my day by wearing my workout waist trainerr and then putting on the other exercise gear. However, if I’m preparing for vigorous physical training at the gym, I’ll wear something under the workout waist trainer to avoid cleaning my waist cincher directly. The Kim Kardashian waist trainer is very flexible; it allows me to stretch and bend during my workout routines, which is ideal for my waist training workouts.

Physical Training

Although the garment is exceptional, it does not have lasting results by itself. The fact is, for waist training to be totally effective, you need to be physically active. Of course, the garment works wonders by itself, but if you’d like to see permanent results, then you’ll have to create a good workout schedule; you’ll need to do regular physical exercising. The good thing is, your workouts don’t have to be vigorous; even 25 minutes of cardio or abdominal exercises will do. You don’t even have to do this every day; you could do it for four days in a week. This way, you’ll discover that there’s nothing that works better than the combination of Kim Kardashian waist trainers and some physical exercises for a perfect feminine body. Let’s now consider some of the best waist training exercises.


Waist Training Exercises

Putting on a waist cincher and sitting around waiting for great results is not the way to go. As a matter of fact, wearing a waist trainer without doing any exercises only gives you short-term results. Even though you may appear to have sexy curves when you’ve worn it under your clothes, the main goal is to attain long-term results.

The best waist training technique is known as the waist vaporizer. To help you learn more about this technique, I will point out some of the benefits of this technique and explain how celebs have been using it to gain a permanent hourglass figure.

The waist vaporizer technique incorporates various waist training exercises that target the outer and inner muscles that surround your waist. The exercises target the fat that surrounds these muscles and tries getting rid of them. Combining these workouts with the Kim Kardashian waist trainer is what the waist vaporizer technique is all about. The technique is particularly helpful to ladies that are finding it difficult to lost post-pregnancy weight. Consider trying these exercises with your waist trainer on for maximum effectiveness. The following are the specific waist vaporizer workouts:

1.The Scorpion Plank

Start out in the plank position, by placing your forearms on the floor with our elbows positioned below your shoulders, and arms parallel to your torso at about the shoulder-width distance. This way, you’ll have rested your weight on your forearms. You may clasp the hands together in case flat palms trouble your wrists. Note: you can straighten your arms as if you’re doing press ups.)

Balance your left foot over the right one, and maintain this position for at least two minutes. (Note: your body should be straight from the shoulders to the ankles.) After this, rest for a minute and do the plank again, this time placing the right foot over the left one.

These are the benefits of doing the scorpion plank:

  • Strengthening your back, abs, and core
  • Conditioning your buttock muscles and making your backside more prominent
  • Improving your balance
  • Supporting a proper posture

2.Side plank Trio

First turn onto your left side and extend your legs. Then, let your hips and feet rest on the ground, stacking them on top of each other. Place your left elbow directly under your shoulder to support your torso, and then ensure that there is a straight line from your ankles to your head. This is the starting position. Now lift your right leg so that it hovers above the left leg, and try drawing your top knee and elbow together above your hips. Maintain this position for a few seconds, and then re-extend your leg and arm. Draw your top knee and elbow together again, this time aligning them in front of your body, parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movements, this time resting your weight on the right elbow. (Note: you can do the side plank while straightening the arm that supports your weight.)

The following are the benefits of doing the side plank:

  • Strengthens your arms and wrists
  • Reinforces your rectus abdominis (the 6-pack muscles)
  • Enhances your buttocks, hips, and back
  • Helps burn excess abdominal fat
  • Makes your shoulders stronger

3.Stacked sit-ups

Begin by lying on your back. Extend your legs, and then stack your left heel on your right toe; put your hands behind the head. Now engage the core by floating the legs, chest, and head off the ground. This is the starting position. Now start drawing your chest and knees together, as you rotate the right elbow toward the left knee, ensuring to keep the legs squeezed together. Go back to the starting position. Repeat the same movements for ten times on the left side and alternate between both sides in the same manner. Be sure to keep your legs hovered above the ground when doing the exercises.

These are the benefits of doing stacked sit-ups:

  • Enhance your abdominal muscles
  • Make your core muscles stronger
  • Burn abdominal fat, thus helping you lose weight and develop an hourglass shape

As you’ll probably find out, each of these workouts takes a maximum of 30 minutes a day. Combining them with your waist trainer is the surest way to realizing your dreams, as neither the waist trainer nor the waist vaporizer technique works by itself. The two have to be applied together for maximum efficiency and to help you enjoy permanent results quickly.

Who is Waist Training Meant For?

Waist training is for you if you’re either looking to lose weight quickly or gain an hourglass figure in a hassle-free manner. Most of all, waist training is for you if you’re a recent mom and you’re finding it difficult to lose post-pregnancy weight.

Most women find that waist cinchers improve their confidence and discourage them from eating oversized food portions and junk food. This is extremely useful not just for the attainment of great sexy looks but also the improvement of one’s overall health. By gaining a proper posture and losing excess weight, you’re able to ward off lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis.

Most women don’t have enough time to work on their bodies and improve their looks. Some women are busy working, while others are busy taking care of their kids and ensuring that their families are in order. Therefore, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try a good cheat to be able to attend to all your daily chores and still maintain a hot body image.

You can wear Kim Kardashian waist trainers throughout the day, as they are comfortable enough to allow you carry out your daily routines. They are loose enough to allow you to attend to your chores and tight enough to help you develop that hourglass figure you desire. Then again, you can wear them underneath your clothes; no one will even notice when you put them on. Then, remember to do some quick waist vaporizer exercises (which can be done at home) for long-lasting results.

Working hard is part of many people’s daily lives. Your feet may hurt and your back might pain after spending long durations standing or sitting; sometimes even sleeping. Kim Kardashian waist cinchers hold the back upright, giving it a natural, elegant posture. I experienced and enjoyed the difference when I began using them.

How to Use a Waist Trainer

As I pointed out before, it would be a bad idea to wear a waist trainer and just sit around expecting some magical results. Even the celebs don’t do that. Of course wearing it will encourage you to eat less food and make your waist sweat for the loss of fat and the improvement of posture, but for lasting results, you will need to go the extra mile; you will need to do some physical exercises. Waist training will automatically decrease your food intake, but you will also need to watch what you eat.

Wear your waist cincher under your clothes every day for at least four hours; make sure you don’t have it on for more than eight hours in a day. When exercising, you can wear it on top of your exercise garment to prevent it from soaking in sweat (that is what I do).


Tips on How to Do Safe Waist Training

In case you are new to waist training or are ready to do it in a serious manner, then you need to utilize the following tips to get the most out of it. These tips are based on my experience as a waist trainer as well as suggestions from numerous women who have used waist trainers.


Be sure to get the right size

Waist cinchers that fit poorly are uncomfortable; wearing a waist trainer that’s too small for you won’t help you get results any faster. There are options where you can get a plus sized waist trainer as well to make sure it feels right for you while you are wearing it.


Find a waist trainer that’s suitable for your body type

Waist cinchers come in a wide variety of styles, which are designed for different body types. By getting a waist cincher that suits your body type, you’re sure to get better results. Later on, we shall explore a style guide to help you choose the right waist trainer for your body type.

iii. Season your corset

Ensure that you don’t lace up your corset too tightly the first time you wear it. Lace it in such a way that it’s cozy. You should be able to slide several fingers at the bottom and top of the corset. Trying to force the waist cincher too quickly may end up damaging its fabric. Furthermore, the corset might get too uncomfortable and lead to breathlessness.

 Wear your waist cincher for a maximum of two to three hours the first time you use it

Repeat this technique several times during the first few days of breaking into your waist trainer. This way, you will allow your body to adapt to the corset slowly, and your lung movements will be able to stabilize. In case your waist cincher gets uncomfortable, remove it and give yourself a break before wearing it again. It’s all about taking it slow.


Let the process be gradual

In case you’re planning on waist training, then you need to appreciate the fact that it will take a gradual process for good results to show up. Don’t tighten your waist cincher to the point of experiencing pain. It’s advisable that you gradually increase your time from two hours per day to around six to eight hours a day in the course of two weeks. Take your time lacing up your corset; don’t rush things. I bet you would love to see the results today, but trying too much and too soon may end up damaging the waist trainer and your body.


Take a break once in a while

Even Kim Kardashian and other celebs take days off. You can wear the waist cincher during the weekdays, and rest during the weekends. Furthermore, you will find that during certain days, you will like wearing the cincher for many hours, and only for a few hours during other days.

vii. Combine your waist training with healthy diets and a workout regimen

Don’t wear your waist trainer and then eat pizza and soda all day expecting to see any good results. That’s like trying to inflate a punctured tire. For maximum effectiveness, try adopting a healthy low-carb diet. Sea food like shrimp and tuna would be a great choice. Then, create a good workout schedule. The waist training exercises we explored earlier will do.

In case you are planning to waist train while sleeping, be sure to make the waist trainer a little less tight. Lace up the cincher about two inches less than you would during the day or when awake.

Waist Trainer Buying Guide

Many women have approached me asking me for recommendations on which waist trainer they should use. Here are a few things that I ask them to consider before buying a waist cincher.

  1. Length

Waist cinchers come in different lengths, so be sure to select the cincher that suits your torso’s length. There are various corset lengths:

  • Standard – long in the front but not at the sides. This length works for ladies who torso has a length of around nine inches
  • Long/longline – long cinchers work for women with a torso length of about 11 inches
  • Short/mini – short cinchers are meant for women whose torso length is about 7 inches. However, they work great for almost everyone else

(Note: these measurements should be taken while seated.)

  1. Size of the waist trainer

Waist cinchers come in two major sizes – standard size and plus size. Sizes 32 and below are generally considered to be standard, while sizes 34 and above are considered to be plus.


  1. Body shape

Waist trainers come in different shapes, and your choice here depends on the level of curves on your body. Be sure to choose a waist trainer that suits your body’s curves. Here are some types of corsets based on body shape:

  1. Waspie corsets

The waspie corset is a comfortable garment; it does not cinch your waist very tightly. This type is relatively short, and thus it fits most body types. Waspie corsets are recommended for women with a short torso and numerous natural curves. (Note: these are not meant for women who have less natural curves.)


  1. Standard corsets

These are designed for women with an average torso length and less natural curves, particularly in the hip region. This type is good for you if your hip to waist ratio is small. (Note: not recommended for women with many natural curves.)

iii. Hybrid corsets

This type offers you great versatility. Hybrid corsets ride high at the back to help avoid the back bulge, but short in the front to fit more body types from the curvy to the slim athletic bodies. This type should fit if your torso length is 9 inches or more.


  1. Fabric

The main fabrics used in the manufacture of waist cinchers are:

  • Cotton
  • Satin
  • Mesh
  • Leather
  1. Satin

This material is best for wearing under the clothes. This is because your clothes glide over the corset, rather than clinging to it. Moreover, even pet hair will not cling onto the corset, and thus satin corsets are great for you if you own pets.


  1. Cotton

This material is best for:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Breathability

Nonetheless, it is not recommended for wearing under the clothes.


iii. Leather

This material is best for style. However, leather waist cinchers are not recommended for wearing under the clothes. They are also not good for daily waist training.


  1. Mesh

Mesh waist cinchers are best for:

  • All around use
  • Wearing under the clothes
  • Use in hot weather

The best thing about mesh is that it is comfortable to wear. Then again, you can wear it over or under your clothes. Mesh is breathable and therefore very useful especially during summer and hot environments.


My Personal Results

At first, I only needed a piece of shapewear. However, my friend encouraged me to combine this with a little commitment (physical exercising). After a month of waist training, I lost six inches! Sometimes I would look at my body in the mirror and almost not recognize myself. This is because my curves were more conspicuous and my posture was much better. Furthermore, my mindset had changed; I felt more confident.


The first waist training week was not great; I felt quite uncomfortable. It was summer, and so the heat around my waist was too much; I could not stand it. However, with my friend’s advice, I combined waist training with juicing and simple exercising. After some time, things changed and I began getting used to the waist cincher. After a month, I had lost six inches.


Final Verdict

The only challenge I have experienced wearing Kim Kardashian waist trainers is the uncomfortable feeling I had when I started using them. However, we all know that as women, we are accustomed to doing certain uncomfortable things to better ourselves, and so I managed to carry on. It certainly worked for me, and so I don’t see any reason why it will not work for you if you are serious enough and willing to give it a shot.


I would recommend waist training with Kim Kardashian waist trainers to every woman looking to attain a smaller waist. Based on my research and personal experience, there is nothing out there that will do the job better than these waist trainers. The good thing with Kim Kardashian waist trainers is that they are relatively inexpensive and risk-free. Therefore, get one and give it a try.


Don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us after using these waist cinchers. Remember, your feedback is always appreciated.